Updating ipad

Lastly, We suggest that you update your i OS to 9.2.1 and give it a try.This new update was designed to address some of the performance issues experienced by the older devices running i OS 9.Make sure that i Tunes is stopped on your computer (Widows/Mac). Windows Version Download Mac Version Download Step 2.

If you are not very clear what to do, you'd better turn to the experts for help.

The background refresh process also consumes your battery resources so this will also indirectly help you in consuming some energy Background App Refresh There are two aspects to storage that can influence the speed of your i Pad.

The first and the easiest is around clearing off the Safari browser cache and the second aspect requires revisiting your app storage and freeing up the space for the apps that you may have downloaded ages ago but no longer use it.

This is timely in that if updating to 9.2.1 does not address your issues, you can revert back to 9.2.

The other issue that we have seen when it comes to upgrades and versions affects people that are Mac users.

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