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After months of trying to fix the problem, I think I finally did.

From what I can tell the speakers are initially connected via Wi-Fi to the router using the Samsung multiroom app.

In other words the soundbar still disconnects and reconnects frequently but there is no noise when it does it, all you see is the text on the front of the screen flash....

Not quite what i was looking for but for now it works for me.

In other news, with the most recent update to the firmware, if you use the mobile phone app.

I don't know that I can tell you step by step what I did with my router as there are a lot of different routers out there.I hated hearing that dropped internet noise n then connected network noise, especially when im watchin something n the volume is high.When I was using just my HW-J7500 by itself, I connected it to my TV via TVSOUNDCONNECT which connects using Bluetooth. Several months ago I bought a pair of the Samsung Radiant360 R1's to add as wireless surrounds.Most modern devices that work on Wi-Fi will accept both so what I had to go to each device that I had that was using Wi-Fi and change them over the 5 GHz network that way the only thing in my house that was using 2.4 GHz was the TV and the speakers.Since I did this, I have had absolutely no issues with the connection between my TV and the speakers. Yeah I've noticed the TV putting off its own Wi Fi and disconnecting from the network and does the same thing over and over.

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