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He captured the moment in a song and was even allowed to sing his own lyrics.

' The four kings of EMI are sitting stately on the floor There are birds out on the side walk and a valet at the door.' When Dolenz asked Lennon, ' Do you think we're a cheap imitation of The Beatles?

Elsewhere in the film the lovable prefabs play flakes of dandruff in an ageing actor's hair whilst following orders from a disembodied director who makes The Truman Show's Ed 'cue the sun' Harris look like a model of benign tolerance.

When Tork complains about a scene in which he has to hit a woman it's pointed out to him that the woman is played by a drag queen anyway.

Stills sent along Peter Tork, an intellectual New Yorker, who was promptly cast in The Monkees as the slow-brained foil to Mickey Dolenz's zany wit.

As musicians neither Tork nor Dolenz were a patch on Stills but that didn't matter – someone else would be writing the songs and playing them.

Since failing the Monkees auditions Stills had a brief but brilliant career with Buffalo Springfield.

For Tork, supporting Stills was pay-back for that audition tip-off and a form of therapy after the abuse hurled at the Monkees when the media decided to ridicule them for not playing their own instruments.

Another mate, Frank Zappa, the muso's muso, was brought in to send up the critics.

They breathe the name Rafelson with the same reverence as Antonioni.

Across the pond, Apple (the OTHER Apple) was born as a vehicle by which pop stars could use their money to help other artists.

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