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So far I've only actually tested this with the radio stations and a couple voice acting sound banks, but it should work with all other files in theory. Drag and drop the over ww2ogg, and the it makes over revorb.

Also have fun decoding the DMAV metadata, which contains subtitles among other things. Follow steps 5-12 in my Custom Radio Stations Guide.

Anyways, i got Saint's Row The Third recently and I am playing through the campaign, but when i get the Oleg's "Gang Bang" mission (The one where the Stag units trap you on the rooftop) I get to the part where the elevator opens and it says "Escape to Saints hq", but when i get into the elevator the screen goes black like it's loading, then crashes, every single time.

I have no idea why it crashes at that point, I really wanna complete the game and this isn't helping.

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