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A friend of Kennedy's at the BBC, who had lunch with her not long ago, says: 'She likes her lunch and she likes a drink, but I've not seen any sign of a problem, and I have known her for more than ten years.

'There has been a lot of talk about her drinking, but I have not directly witnessed anything untoward.' Her neighbours concur.

The nation waited for weeks with bated breath anticipating the calf's arrival.

Thousands have watched the live feed from her pen on this site alone -- over 1.2 million more watched the You Tube stream of the calf's birth.

Certainly, the millions who would listen to her grumbling about the early starts, and the physical toll which they took on her, expected that something had to give.

Not fitting in: Despite her long career at Radio 2 Sarah Kennedy was cast aside because she was simply too posh, too old, too dotty, too Right-wing and too much of a loose cannon, according to a BBC source One friend, who met her recently, said: 'I was alarmed by the way she looked - I was worried that she might be unwell as she was looking so painfully thin.' It was evident, surely, that eventually she would tire of rising at 3.18am each morning.

There was no hint, in her final moments on BBC Radio 2, that this was to be the end.'Some BBC people really did not understand how she kept on getting away with the dotty old matron act,' sighs one source.But there are also fingers being pointed at the Evans effect.Her view is that she had to quit - and yesterday she spoke for the first time of the poisonous atmosphere she claimed she experienced at work and how she felt that unknown enemies were out to get her. (Kennedy's pet name for her on-air persona.) Sources at the BBC say that in the end her time had come because she was simply too posh, too old, too dotty, too Right-wing and too much of a loose cannon.To say she did not fit in with the prevailing culture at the institution would be an understatement.

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