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There are sites devoted to specifically helping middle-aged women, middle-aged men and those dating with children at home.You’ll find information and reviews of online dating sites, advice on dating etiquette, wardrobe…even new pick-up lines (“Are you from Tennessee…cuz you’re the only ten I see” was lame back in the 80s – and it still is!Just remember to leave the polyester leisure suit (guys) and tube top (gals) in the closet at home.We've noticed you're currently running ad blocking software.Rather than staying glued to your computer looking for love, Street Matching encourages you to go out and live your life, and hopefully find someone in the process.The online component is just a way to seal the deal.” So how is this different than just going to Craigslist and posting a missed connection?You were married for 15, 20…maybe even 30 years, and then found yourself divorced and faced with the daunting task of dating again.

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Like any other online dating site, they’ll require you to sign up and fill out your information and the questions are way too easy to answer South Africa This online dating site is under that same Cupid media family as This means the user is able to maintain their confidentiality and still find that person they are looking for. “Second, we have an i Phone app (Black Berry and Android coming soon) that allows users to record a crush and see if there is a match in about 5 seconds. “Finally, Street Matching is not limited to publishing crushes but is creating a community of romantic singles that can support and give advice to one another without worrying about losing their confidentiality.” Sounds good, but as with any dating site, this relies on a critical mass of people signing up and taking part — as well as decent odds that your crush will actually see you, crush back, have registered for the site, and will get online to look for you. According to Edwin Toone, managing director of Street Matching, “Both Missed Connections and Craigslist are classified ads that require users to publish their crush or missed connection for all the world to see.First of all, Street Matching is not a classified ad.

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