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That, and it would probably require the pulling of at least one tooth, and I don't think that kind of pain, time and money would be worth it if some girl would be too shallow to see past the small problem.

: DMy bottom teeth are also fairly out of wack, but I feel that I am passed the point of getting braces, and insurance most likely would not cover it.If you do have work done, don't think of it as something you're doing to attract women.Having really crooked teeth (if that's your situation, anyway) is something that you should correct just because you deserve to go through life with a nice smile." sort of way, appreciating the fact that someone cared enough to pay the ortho bill and instill good hygeine.I've never once thought "now there's a dreamy guy, too bad about the teeth though, cross him off the potential list" if that's what your thinking.

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