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Later, Nathan slyly escapes from the hospital to go see Haley, and that is the first night they spend together.

The couple, however, does not engage in a sexual relationship right away, since Haley worries about Nathan's past with other girls and desires to keep her virginity until marriage.

After Nathans hospitalization, Coach Whitey Durham suspends basketball 'until further notice', and Nathan sees the opportunity to spend even more time with Haley.

His father Dan is a constant nag and bully towards Nathan and pushes him with basketball, living vicariously through Nathan in an attempt to relive his own high school basketball glory.With the free time, Dan decides to take Nathan on a father-son outing to a resort - but it ends badly as Dan has not seemed to change and is still bullying Nathan to do better.Things at the Scott household are more tense than ever, and they soon turn to a family therapist.Nathan's transition has been noted as one of the most remarkable on One Tree Hill; he goes from your typical high school jerk to a man who'd do anything for the people he loves.Season 1 starts with the tension and rivalry between two estranged half-brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott.

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