Kirsten storms dating brandon barash Free no sign up xxx flirting

It looks like the date nights have turned into cozy nights at home.

It’s nice to see Kirsten looking so happy after her very public, although amicable, split from ex Brandon Barash and the duo seems to be coparenting happily.

Kirsten Storms is dating musician Zach Webb, lead singer of neo rock band It’s Alive.

Last night, Kirsten shared a pic of herself and her new man watching The Bachelorette.

It was pretty bleak as far as the probability of her being able to get pregnant …

but then we got back from a trip to Amsterdam and discovered we were expecting.

GH fans are still waiting to find out if Brandon Barash has a new sweetie, but so far, if he does, it seems the actor and Port Chuck singer is being circumspect.

Most of Brandon’s social media timeline is him with his “best friend” Harper as he chronicles what he calls the adventures of “B and Boo.” Congratulations to Kirsten Storms on her new romance with singer Zach Webb.

Although the actress recently admitted that she struggles with severe depression, she seems to be on a smoother path now and General Hospital fans can’t wait to see her back on the GH soap.

I think Brandon and I are really looking forward to getting our friendship with each other back.” A pic from yesterday. Storms, as we all know, has had a long history of endometriosis, which is why she was frequently taking sick leaves from the show "General Hospital." But it was a shocker when she revealed in 2016 that she was leaving the show again following her skin problems.

A beautiful So Cal afternoon co-parenting w/ @brandonjbarash. Kristen was then replaced by Molly Burnett, who previously played Melanie in the Days Of Our Lives.

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