How to have good internet sex chat

Recently, I discovered that my husband has been using adult chat rooms online and seems to have been communicating in sexually explicit ways with other people.When I challenged him, he was embarrassed and then defensive saying it was just harmless flirting and that he had not gone over any line.I still feel really unhappy about what he has done.Up until this, I thought things were okay in our marriage, though of course we haven’t had much couple time with the demands of four children but this discovery has come as a bolt out of the blue.

They called out the double standard and started "having sex like a man."This meant there was a chance, if there was enough champagne flowing, and you could stand up and say a sentence or two in some semblance of order, a girl might actually pick you up.To use your body for sex and not even pretend to try and date you! I've heard more than one bloke my age wish he was 20 years younger.Then, the requirement to be well-groomed and witty in a bar in the hope of a "hook-up" dropped away as everyone started swiping right.You might benefit from going to counselling especially if you feel traumatised and need to the help of an impartial listener to process some of the feelings.To move forward, it is important that you continue to talk to your husband and try to understand the extent of his difficulties and what the underlying issues are for him.

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