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We told ourselves that this was going to be the best dating year of our lives.

We told ourselves we'd go on tons of dates, meet lots of great guys and/or girls.

"The most complex investigations involve field searches with experienced trackers and wildlife biologists, surveillance projects, and lab analysis of forensic evidence," the website says.

Alabama, 79 See full state rankings, including maps. All of the BFRO reports have been screened for credibility to some degree, according to the group, which has been collecting and publishing data since 1995.

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hilariously reminds us of all the reasons to stay far, far away from dating apps and the messaging that comes with them. For confusing pics that will make you think you're on a dating site for tiger owners, much like Christian Mingle, check out Well, that escalated quickly.

Yo, ask us if you should dump the asshole that you're dating, and we'll tell you.

From the minds that brought you I’m so sorry that people have been so cruel.

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