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Only gradually did the new name take hold; some old maps read, “Spring Hill, Barling Post Office.” Barling continued to grow with several additions, including the town’s first resident doctor, I. Ryan, in the 1890s; a new cotton gin, sawmill, and gristmill owned by Ollie Bugg around 1900; the introduction of telephone service in 1910; and even more new buildings: a drugstore and grocery store owned by L. Swift, a new Catholic church, and a Baptist church. In 1912, the Freemasons built a two-story building across the front of the schoolhouse; they used the top floor and allowed the school to use the bottom floor, making Barling’s a two-room school.

Between 18, a schoolhouse was built on land donated by R. The town, though small, shared in many of the nation’s experiences of the early twentieth century, including World War I and the following Spanish Influenza.

In 1937, a new grade school building was built in Barling and was ready for use in September 1938.

Barling’s agreement with Lavaca stood until Barling schools consolidated with Fort Smith’s in 1948; however, the town did maintain its own elementary school.

In 1936, an agreement between Barling and Lavaca (Sebastian County) called for Barling to take Lavaca’s black pupils to a school in Barling, and in return, Lavaca would take Barling’s high school students.Barling experienced its greatest growth beginning in 1941 when the U. Army built Camp Chaffee—later Fort Chaffee—near the town.With the advent of the camp came more jobs for locals, thereby also increasing the chances for revenue.About Health Providers Choice Health Providers Choice (HPC), a Joint Commission Certified Travel Nurse Company sets the standard in quality, professionalism, response, and accountability.HPC has hundreds of assignments to keep you busy working and exploring exciting locations across the country.

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