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In the event the third parties bring a law suit against the Registrar (Coordinator) in connection with registration or usage of the domain name by the Administrator, the Administrator is bound, on their request, to reimburse the Registrar (Coordinator’s) losses (including legal assistance and legal representation costs) incurred by the Registrar or Coordinator in conjunction with this lawsuit. In order to prevent any prospective infringements, the Registrant is recommended, to ensure, prior to submission of his/her application, that there are no trade marks, brand names, and another objects of intellectual property, names of nonprofit organizations and government bodies similar to the domain name submitted for registration 3.1.5. Registration of the domain name registered exercised on the basis of the Registrant’ application on condition that he/she honors requirements of the present Terms and Conditions.

1.2 The running of the time period established by the present Terms and Conditions shall be determined in accordance with the civil law of the Russian Federation.

Registrant may conclude a Contract with any Registrar.

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