Bookmarks vanish when updating firefox

Web Extensions in plain old English are very similar to Google Chrome extensions, only that the Firefox version supports more powerful add-ons than Google Chrome does once Mozilla reaches feature parity with Chrome.Note that "plans" means that Mozilla may postpone the cut.Legacy add-ons are all add-ons that are not Web Extensions. Others are still in the development phase, and some won't port their add-ons for reasons such as that Web Extensions don't support the functionality of the add-on, or of time commitments.It is difficult to assess the situation right now, as Web Extensions functionality is still being worked on.We also refreshed form handling in Firefox, adding a brand new autofill feature and implementing built-in widgets for elements.Lastly, Firefox’s preferences were completely redesigned and are now searchable.Development may not be ready when Firefox 57 is going to be released -- on November 14, 2017 if the schedule holds -- or there may be other things that forces Mozilla to postpone the change.

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With the release of Firefox 43.0, Mozilla has added a new feature to the web browser which is called "Search Suggestions".

What one has to consider as well is that support for Web Extensions opens up the Chrome Web Store for Firefox.

While not all Chrome extensions will work in Firefox, once Mozilla reaches feature parity, a large part will.

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