Blind guy dating cast pregnant and dating s01e06 mp4

After I handed my application in, they brought me into a room with a green screen and started asking me to expand on some stuff I wrote.

I knew I was doing well when they brought the producer (a well put together older woman who, in hindsight, looked a bit like Robin Wright’s character from ‘House of Cards’) into the room.

She started peppering me with very specific, very leading questions, and at several points asked me to repeat things with very specific phrasing.

The scripting was already beginning and I hadn’t even been cast yet. If they didn’t want me, they wouldn’t be wasting time getting footage. I showed up at the spot and we did the “meet,” which is when the guy and the girl are first introduced.

I was wearing a cup, but as any dude knows, even a protected nutshot brings a little sadness to the boys.One thing about ‘Blind Date’ and other syndicated shows is that they are very, very controlling about what you talk about on camera.We were sat down and given a list of things that weren’t allowed to discuss: movies, music, TV shows, politics – basically anything that would set the date in a specific period of time.When I got there, the place was stuffed to the gills with hunks.The thing about reality shows is that aspiring actors use them to pad out their “reel”- any footage is good footage, after all.

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