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Can you eat street food in Thailand without getting diarrhea?It’s definitely possible, especially when it’s not your first time.There’s one thing you have to understand about the Philippines. Yes, getting to know Thai women can be hard because it’s quite difficult to find a woman who speaks decent English.However, you don’t have to worry about that when you plan to visit the Philippines.But it offers so much more than beautiful landscapes for enthusiastic travelers.This country is also an amazing place for men who are looking for love. Maybe you dream about having a beautiful, feminine and supportive girlfriend who is there for you when you need her. Yes, you can date a beautiful Filipina who makes you feel alive and loved.

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The Philippines is a country in South East Asia, but that doesn’t mean that the people are Buddhists or Hinduists.

When it comes to the Philippines, however, the same question deserves a different answer.

In other words, it’s nearly impossible to eat street food in the Philippines and to not get diarrhea, at least when you were born and raised in a Western country.

The Philippines is the only Asian country (besides Singapore) where nearly everyone can speak English.

No matter if you are dating a high society girl or if you go on a date with a waitress, she will speak English.

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