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We didn’t want to create problems for the people in the photos: from the young man flashing us his phone number as he tried to pick us up on a Thursday night in Riyadh to the men and women jet-skiing, swimming, and playing around together in the sea outside of Jeddah.

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This is the second installment in a five-part series from TIME International's annual Summer Journey issue, Travels Through Islam: Discovering a world of change and challenge in the footsteps of the 14My assignment was to photograph love and dating among Saudi Arabian youth—one of the most impenetrable subjects to document.

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While Aryn Baker, my colleague, was diving deep into people’s dating lives with words, I couldn’t even take out my camera without provoking immediate recoils and sneers. I had worked in Saudi pretty extensively in 2004, photographing the royal family, successful women in the Kingdom, and a story on Jehadists who turned liberal after spending time in prison, and had great luck on all occasions.

But for this story, every door was closed—until we went to Jeddah.

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