Arabic adult

Levantine Beginning Arabic - Level 1 requires some prior experience with Arabic, but not necessarily in Alif Institute’s Levantine Arabic Introductory Course.

Arabic adult-55

Students will greatly expand their vocabulary in numbers, greetings, expressing their feelings and regret, asking for things politely, talking about their families and relatives, learning some furniture pieces and equipment, shopping for food and clothes, describing people, comparing things, and more....

Grammar lessons will introduce the plural personal and possessive pronouns, ordinal numbers, more question words, dual and plural nouns, active and passive participles.

All of this will enable the student to more creatively formulate questions and statements.

They will learn to talk about their lives, families and homes, recite days of the week, talk about different hobbies, high schools in the Arab World, Also students will begin to work with complex sentences.

There will be more emphasis on sentence constructions, reading and composing short paragraphs.

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