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Before she started dating Turner, Alexa reported lived with fashion photographer David Titlow during their relationship, which lasted more than three years. He is the epitome of Scandi-cool, having grown up in Stockholm in the now-popular So Fo (south of Folkungagatan) neighbourhood.It's also unclear when the picture in question was taken.PHOTOS: Alexander Skarsgard's sexiest True Blood moments This isn't the first time Skarsgard and Page have been romantically linked.

Life under a microscope lost its charm and perhaps due to the influence of My Skarsgård, his physician mother, he stopped working as an actor, to continue his education.A visit to Los Angeles landed him both an agent and a part in the Ben Stiller movie, Zoolander (2001).After that Alexander returned to Sweden where he continued honing his acting in film and theatrical productions including "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? He also co-wrote and co-directed an award-winning short, Att döda ett barn (2003), (To Kill a Child), which was shown at both the Tribeca and Cannes Film Festivals.Family vacations at the Skarsgard pad sound pretty fun too.Talking about his childhood, Skarsgard has said: ‘The doors were always open. His love of the Yorkshire team stems from the six months he spent studying English at Leeds Metropolitan University.

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