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The ability of the eye to accommodate decreases with age.Synonym: ocular accommodation; visual accommodation See: illustration4.Absence of an accommodative lag may indicate latent hyperopia. It can also occur as a result of a spasm of accommodation.See myopic defocus.mechanism of accommodation Process by which the eye focuses onto an object.This is accomplished by dynamic retinoscopy, by autorefractors or by visually evoked cortical potentials.The term is sometimes used incorrectly to refer to the amplitude of accommodation without the influence of the depth of focus (e.g. See subjective accommodation; optometer; evoked cortical potential; dynamic retinoscopy; stigmatoscopy.ocular accommodation The amplitude of accommodation referred to the front surface of the cornea. See spectacle accommodation Accommodative response occurring without the usual stimulus to accommodation, such as a blurred retinal image.Consequently, myopes require more accommodation and hyperopes less accommodation when they transfer from spectacles to contact lenses.However, this change in accommodative demand is accompanied by a similar change in convergence, so that a myope transferring to contact lenses accommodates and converges more than with spectacles and the reverse applies for a hyperope. See far point sphere.ill-sustained accommodation See accommodative insufficiency.inert accommodation See accommodative infacility.insufficiency of accommodation See accommodative of accommodation 1.

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These three actions constitute the accommodation reflex.So, if the near point of an emmetrope is at 25 cm from the spectacle plane, the amplitude of accommodation is equal to − [−1/(25 ✕ 10)] = 4 D.The amplitude of accommodation declines from about 14 D at age 10 to about 0.5 D at age 60 (although the measured value is usually higher due to the depth of focus of the eye).See convergence accommodation; proximal accommodation; reflex accommodation; resting state of accommodation.consensual accommodation Accommodation occurring in one eye when the other eye has received the dioptric stimulus.convergence accommodation 1.Accommodation induced directly by a change in convergence. That component of accommodation induced by the binocular disparity of the retinal images. vergence accommodation.correction induced accommodation Ocular accommodation induced when changing from spectacles to contact lenses in near vision.

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